8 October 2023

Great Indian Festival 2023 | Best five mobile phones to buy on Amazon.in by taking a loan

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

In October, Amazon.in is organising its Great Indian Festival 2023, and we now give you details of the best five mobile phones to buy with a loan (Photos: Amazon.in).

In fact, we have curated a list of the top five mobile phones, which stand out in terms of features, performance, and value for money. So, let us see the pecking order of the top five 5G smartphones.

6 October 2023

Credit card interest rates in India, real-life examples and financial implications

Credit cards have become an indispensable part of modern financial life, offering convenience and flexibility but you must understand how the interest rates can affect you by looking at some real-life examples (Photo: Pixabay).

However, they also come with the burden of high-interest rates if not utilized wisely. In India, credit card interest rates may vary, ranging from 24 per cent to 36 per cent annually or even higher.

1 October 2023

How start-ups in India can secure loans

How start-ups in India can secure loans

Starting a new business in India can be an exciting as well as a challenging endeavour and, especially start-ups, face several challenges while trying to secure financing to get their ideas off the ground (Photo: Pixabay).

Fortunately, India has a slew of financing options and schemes designed to support budding entrepreneurs.

16 September 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and debit cards in India

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and debit cards in India

Credit cards and debit cards have become an integral part of modern financial transactions in India but they have some advantages and disadvantages, which all users must note (Photo: Pixabay).
They may offer convenience, security, and ease of use, but they also come with their own set of limitations.

14 September 2023

Determine your financial credibility through CIBIL score

CIBIL score

In today’s world, credit plays a vital role in our financial lives and the best way to determine this is the Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd score, which is better known as CIBIL score. Whether you want to buy a house, get a car loan approved, or even apply for a credit card, your creditworthiness is of utmost importance.

One crucial factor that lenders in India look into while assessing your creditworthiness is your CIBIL score.

11 September 2023

What are NFTs and how to secure loans through them

In the last few years, the world of digital assets has seen a phenomenal development — the emergence of non-fungible tokens, or simply NFTs (picture above), which can now even be used to take loans (Photo: Pixabay).

These unique, blockchain-based tokens have taken art, gaming, and the entertainment segments by storm.

10 September 2023

Microfinance options for rural entrepreneurs in India

Microfinance is a powerful tool that empowers rural entrepreneurs in India to start and grow their businesses. Let us explore the numerous microfinance options tailored for their needs.

These choices try to break down financial barriers, paving the way for economic growth and improving livelihoods in India’s rural communities.

2 September 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of personal loans in India

Advantages and disadvantages of personal loans in India

Personal loans have become a prevalent financial instrument in India, offering individuals the flexibility to meet a wide range of financial needs and could be an advantage or even a disadvantage (Photo: Pexels.com).
However, like any financial product, they come with their own set of pros and cons.

24 August 2023

Study abroad loans | Pros and cons of a Prodigy Finance loan

Prodigy Finance study abroad loans

In today’s competitive educational landscape, pursuing higher studies often comes with a significant financial burden where students are forced to take study abroad loans but one of the good options is a loan from Prodigy Finance (Photo: Pixabay).

4 May 2022

How to take loans in the metaverse

The loan market in the metaverse could become a huge opportunity for lenders, who are still biting their nails to figure out how to structure them for this space. 
A report by a reputed news agency has predicted that the metaverse could become an almost $1-trillion opportunity by 2024 itself.

24 April 2022

RBI’s master directions for credit, debit card issuance

Well, if you didn’t know, your credit card is a type of unsecured loan, which you take from your bank, and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has just issued master directions for credit as well as debit card issuance to give you some relief.

You use your credit card to buy goods, physically or virtually and withdraw cash. And, after a period — say within a month or two — you need to pay back the entire amount for your purchases. You can also opt to pay back in installments but that could be a costly affair.  

Coming back to the master directions, they will take effect from July 1, 2022.

18 April 2022

Personal loan options in India

Personal loan is something that is widely available in India provided your documents are intact. In fact, it is your bank that is waiting in the wings to offer you a loan. 

So much so, that some banks are offering account holders/customers instant approval of personal loan.

10 April 2022

All about study abroad loan with collateral

A study abroad loan with collateral was non-existent till the 1990s and only after 1995 did it gain popularity. 

In the early days (before 1990), when a student went abroad for studies, either his parents had to dole out the money or he had to get a full merit scholarship for his studies, that would cover tuition cost as well as living costs, food and personal expenses. 

2 April 2022

Study abroad loans without collateral

So, you have an ambition to go and study abroad but are wondering where to take a loan without collateral from because the bank is asking you for it, like keeping your own house as security. So, what do you do? You don’t need to worry. There is good news for you. 

Certain banks and financial institutions have set aside funds so that students who can’t provide collateral — like a house owned by their parents — can live their dreams of studying abroad. But the funds may have certain limits and come with additional conditions.